Why Do Business with Skynex?

Skynex Global Drones, Ltd. is in the process of opening its second store, entitled "Skynex Industrial Drones". As the name indicates, this second store will focus on commercial and industrial drone solutions. This new drone comes as a response to demands by some of its existing customers and investors looking for a drone store that offers unique commercial and industrial drones solutions. In anticipation of this new store, we offer a brief overview of the commercial and industrial drones for sale at Skynex Industrial Drones, and why customers and investors should do business with Skynex when choosing a drone solution.

A. Why Do Business with Skynex?

Specialized Expertise, Tailored Commercial & Industrial Solutions, Best Deals

  1. Best Price Guaranteed: all drone and drone accessories available for sale through Skynex Industrial Drones are offered on a "best price guaranteed" basis. Customers and investors who find better deals elsewhere are encouraged to contact Skynex for price matching options. 
  2. Neutral & Unbiased Advice & Recommendations: Skynex does not represent or act on behalf of any one drone manufacturer. Better yet, there are no incentives for Skynex to recommend one commercial or industrial drone solution over another. Any and all advice and recommendations provided to customers and investors is based solely on the needs, requirements, and preferences expressed by them. The end-result is a highly customized commercial or industrial drone solution that reflects our customers and investors' needs. 
  3. Unparalleled Expertise: because Skynex Industrial Drones does not act for or represent any one drone manufacturer, the quality of the solutions we recommend depends in part on the total number of drone solutions we are able to find and offer to our customers and investors. Owing to this business model, Skynex Industrial Drone has acquired a high degree of knowledge and expertise in the drone industry, drone technologies, as well as commercial and industrial drone solutions currently available on the markets, selecting only the best and latest commercial and industrial drone solutions. 
  4. Commercial & Industrial Drone Specialists: unlike many stores, we are not an electronics store that sells a variety of different electronic products, of which drones are only one type of product. We also do not offer a single drone solution for sale through our store. Rather, Skynex Industrial Drones focuses exclusively on the sale and distribution of personal, commercial, and industrial drones. Owing to this business model, Skynex is properly described as a store that specializes in the sale and distribution of drones. 
  5. What Else? Skynex offers the following to its customers and investors: 
    • Limited Warranty on All Products: in addition to our friendly, no hassle return policy, Skynex Industrial Drones offers a limited warranty over all products sold through its store. Buyers and investors benefit from 1 year of free care and repair services from Skynex Industrial Drones. 
    • All-Inclusive Prices: the price customers and investors see on our store is the price that is owed at checkout. No surprise or extra fees owed. Customers and investors in the United-States and Canada benefit from free shipping. Customers and investors in the United-States also benefit form 0% sales tax. 

B. Commercial & Industrial Drones for Sale

Commercial Drones for Sale

Skynex Industrial Drones currently offers commercial drones for sale in the following commercial sectors: Delivery DronesFilm & Television DronesInsurance DronesMedia & Journalism DronesPhotography DronesReal Estate Marketing DronesSports & Events DronesTravel & Tourism DronesWedding & Celebration Drones. As may be apparent from the aforementioned commercial drone categories, most commercial drones draw-upon the superior, professional, cinematographic quality aerial footage provided by the drone. When exploring different commercial drones for sale, customers and investors will want to pay close attention to the drone's payload and camera solution. 

Skynex Industrial Drones currently offers industrial drones for sale that cover the following industry sectors: Agricultural DronesConstruction DronesInfrastructure Drone SolutionsMining & Quarrying Drones
Oil & Gas Drone Solutions. Infrastructure Drones for Sale are further subdivided into the following categories: Bridge & Tunnel Inspection DronesRailway Inspection DronesRoad/Highway Drones;  Waterway Inspection 
Drones. Mining and quarrying drones are divided as follows: Mining Exploration DronesMining Operation DronesMining Planning & Permitting DronesMining Reclamation 
Drones. Finally, oil and gas drones are divided as follows: Cooling Tower & ChimneyFlare Stack Inspection DronesIce Monitoring Drones

Many industrial drone solutions rely on superior drone mapping and surveying technology, as well as on their ability to conduct industrial-grade aerial inspections. For that reason, Skynex Industrial Drones created to following to major industrial drone categories: Inspection Drones for Sale; and Surveying Drones for Sale. As well, customers and investors have the option of exploring commercial and/or industrial drone solutions by drone features.