Skynex Launches New Industrial & Commercial Drones Store

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Investing in the Future of Industrial Operations: Autonomous Fleet of Industrial Drones

Skynex Global Drones, Ltd. is in the midst of opening a new e-commerce store that will focus strictly on the sale and distribution of commercial and industrial drone solutions. Industrial drones for sale at Skynex Industrial Drones will allow individuals and organizations to shop from the very latest and best innovations and solutions in the drone or, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry. Industrial drones available at Skynex Industrial Drones will cover a wide array of industrial activities: inspections drones for sale; mapping & surveying drones for sale; monitoring drones; aerial photography/filming drones; and more. Industry sectors represented through the choices of industrial drones for sale at Skynex Industrial Drones will include: mining drones; oil and gas drones; agricultural drones; as well as infrastructure drones, which includes bridge, road and highways, tunnels, and waterway inspection drones. 
Investors looking to build their own autonomous fleet of drones, which may be composed of one or more industrial drones of the same or different kind, will also be able to shop for industrial drones by key drone feature. For instance, investors whose priority is to find an industrial drone with ultra-precise navigation systems will want to shop for drones that feature a Real-Time Kinematic Navigation System. Skynex Industrial Drones will also offer a variety of industrial imaging solutions or, drone cameras (thermal imaging, night-vision, etc.) , as well as different drone payloads (e.g. drop-release payload, 3-axis gimbals, 4-axis gimbals, 2-axis gimbals). 

The objective of Skynex Industrial Drones is to help investors navigate the task of investing in the right drone solution, for the right purpose, a task that can prove to be challenging without full knowledge and insight of the various industrial drone options available on the market. Skynex Industrial Drones offers free expert advice on assisting investors find the right industrial drone solution. Their support is readily available, and they make it their mission to offer investors the best price on the market. While the site hasn't yet launched officially, interested buyers and investors can still visit the website while it is being readied for official launch sometime in the new year.