The Drone Racing League Introduces Betting Into Its Professional Drone Races

In the latest developments in the world of professional FPV drone racing, the Drone Racing League has entered into a partnership with BetFair to accept sports betting relative to its increasingly popular FPV drone races. Bets will run especially high during the final Allianz World Championship to take place at the Alexandra Palace in London. For those not yet accustomed with the Drone Racing League's professional drone races, the Allianz World Championship feature professional drone racing pilots from all over the world who race at speeds of up to 80 mph through highly challenging, three dimensional (3D) obstacle courses decorated with flashy neon lights and other props. Obstacle courses range anywhere from NFL stadiums, abandoned factories, and historical landmarks. 
The DRL was established in 2016 by Nicholas Horbaczewski, and feature 16 of the world's top drone racing pilots, taking on six highly challenging drone racing obstacle courses. A new champion emerges at the end of every season. Last year's champion was JET, who is now defending his position in the 2017 season. Last year, the sport of drone racing attracted over 30 million spectators, and over 43 million digital content viewers from all over the world. This year, the Drone Racing League will broadcast its races in over 75 countries across the world, including on ESPN, Sky Sports, and ProSiebenSat. 

The introduction of bets by DRL CEO Nick Horbaczewski is the next step in making drone racing that much thrilling and exciting for its fans. Viewers will be able to bet through the Betfair Sportsbook App on individual heat winners during each one of the 7 heats, as well as on the overall, final champion of the Allianz World Championship. Pinnacle was the first licensed sportsbook to introduce eSports to betting markets, and was the first to offer odds on drone racing during last year's Drone Racing Championship