Drone Racing League: $20 million in Series B Funding, and Counting

Nicholas Horbaczewksi, CEO and found of the Drone Racing League ('DRL'), is determined to grow drone racing into a popular, mainstream sport. To assist it in reaching its objective, the Drone Racing League is attracting some heavy investments, from heavy investors. Current investors include Allianz, Liberty Media (Formula 1 owner), Sky, Lux, Hearst Ventures, RSE Ventures, World Wrestling Entertainment, Courtside Ventures, and Lerer Hippeau Ventures. The DRL closed its series B round of investments with $20 million. The capital raised by the Drone Racing League is will mainly be used to help grow the DRL's broadcast audience, as well as to advance drone racing technology. In 2016, the DRL attracted over 45 million spectators. This number is only likely to grow as the sport of drone racing continues to capture the imagination of drone enthusiasts around the world.