Drone Racing: Competing for the Sport of the Century

While its professional drone racing pilots compete against one another in season 2 of the Drone Racing League, the DRL faces its own competition as many other companies are quickly catching on to the opportunity to make drone racing the sport of the century. The International Drone Racing Association and MultiGP are also in it for the win. While most experts in the domain would agree that the DRL is leading the race, perhaps its just a matter of time before all leagues fall into one coherent whole. Aside from the lasting impression that its elaborate and flashy neon-lit race tracks has left on its growing audience, and aside from its free drone racing simulator (a big hit), the DRL has, like many others, already completed its season 1. Unlike others, it has secured $20,000,000 in venture capital funding from big players, such as Allianz, and Sky Sports. It also secured key, strategic partnerships with Amazon, BMW, and more recently, Lumineer. Its races are already being televised on ESPN and ESPN 2. While the smoke machines, strobe lights, and cheap race course labels like "Mardis Gras World" may be pushing the DRL in the wrong direction in terms of attaining respectable name in the realm of professional sporting events, its certainly on the right track for the most part. In the long term, its audience may want to see more competition in the making of the FPV racing drones, an element of the sport which would arguably propel technological drone racing innovation in the right direction. Until such time as we see the same level of competition at the technological level as, say, Formula 1 racing, the DRL has done very well in developing its own fancy and propriety FPV racing drones. Whit dynamic live first-person-view streams, the sport of FPV drone racing is particularly well adapted to a day and age that is hooked social media and portable electronic devices. Played right, drone racingBest Racing Drones for Sale at Skynex Drones will without a doubt become the sport of the century.


  1. FWIW, Mardi Gras World is the name of the warehouse used for the racing.


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