Tsunami Sweeps Away Six Drone Pilots, Leaving Only Two Behind

A rare and sensational Tsunami hit Moberly, Missouri, this past Saturday (May 20, 2017), sweeping away six drone racing pilots, leaving but two survivors: A. Brousse of Columbia, who managed to pull away from MultiGP Drone Racing's Universal Time Trial Track by making it in the top 200 pilots with a posted time of 13.54 seconds; and A. Johnson of Kansas City, Missouri, who also pulled away as a survivor by winning all three race heats during what was the Heart of America FPV's inaugural race. The event was spearheaded by S. Ames, Chapter organizer.

The Tsunami drone race track (depicted immediately above) features a 184-foot straight-away, a hair pen turn, five FPV gates, and a total racing length of 414 feet. The current record lap time for this particular race track is 7.49 seconds, which was recored on February 26, 2017, by Milk, a drone racing pilot from the Suan Luang Speedway MultiGP Trial Chapter. A complete leaderboard for the Tsunami and other MultiGP universal time trial tracks is available on the MultiGP website