New Zealand Techweek Kicks Off

New Zealand Techweek
If you're an avid drone or drone racing enthusiast and happen to be in New Zealand this coming week, and are curious to see what kind of innovations Kiwis are bringing to the drone racing and virtual reality industry, your best bet will undoubtedly be to attend Techweek, a massive tech event of over 150 events held in 24 towns all across New Zealand. The event kicked off over the weekend, and will run until May 14. Eager Kiwi Prime Minister Bill English could already been seen sporting a state-of-the-art (SoA) pair of augmented virtual reality goggles in the opening days of the event. 

New Zealand Techweek
The aim of the event is to show the world the very best that New Zealand has to offer in terms of technology and innovation. As the National Director of Techweek explained, the purpose of Techweek "is to amplify the world-class work New Zealanders are doing to find answers to some of the biggest questions using and developing new technologies". Drones, drone racing, and virtual reality will all fit in the overarching theme of this event. If you're a start-up with an innovative, early-stage idea to contribute towards drone racing, virtual reality, or any tech-related idea, Techweek also aims (e.g. through investment focused days) to provide early stage support to tech innovators and entrepreneurs, as well as to facilitate connections between social innovators and businesses. World-renowned game developers for The Walt Disney Company and DreamWorks, as well as developers who have worked on major projects such as Transformers and Toy Story are all part of the event.

So, whether you're a drone or drone racing enthusiast in New Zealand looking to learn about the very latest Kiwi tech innovations in the drone racing and virtual reality realms, or have an innovative idea that you would like to transform into an actionable start-up business, Techweek will be the place to be for the coming week. You can view the schedule and list of events on the event website.