MultiGP Partners with LiveTime for Drone Race Scoring and Data Collection

Good news for drone racing coming from the MultiGP Drone Racing Community group in Melbourne, Florida. For those unfamiliar with the MultiGP, MultiGP describes itself as the world's largest league of drone racers, with over 15,000 registered drone pilots, in over 10,000 local chapters, growing every week across the globe. In 2016, the MultiGP Drone Racing Community Group is said to have completed over 3,500 race events, and as of 2017, have been running more than 100 race events every week. More information on the MultiGP is available on their Facebook group

As the drone racing group continues to grow in numbers, the MultiGP Drone Racing Community group will now have the great benefit of its new partner, LiveTime. LiveTime is described as a revolutionary scoring system for radio controlled vehicles. They have been providing services for over 15 years, covering some of the biggest races all around the world. LiveTime is said to have logged over 500,000 race events. With the rise of drone racing, the founders of LiveTime, Brandon Rohde and Cory Kroll, have been cross-applying their skills, knowledge, and experience in the radio controller car racing world to the newly emerging drone racing world. More info on LiveTime is available on LiveTime Facebook page

Pursuant to their recent partnership with the MultiGP Drone Racing Community group, LiveTime will now be assisting the MultiGP race organizers and drone pilots with race data collection, live event streaming, as well as real-time race scoring. LiveTime will offer all the support and recommendations needed by MultiGP's chapter organizers and race pilots to implement LiveTime's advanced scoring, lap tracking, and live streaming system. Other benefits that will be offered to MultiGP drone races include: 
  • Delivering real-time racing info to pilots and spectators;
  • Promote the pilots and teams at the event; 
  • Provide full-time staff to assist in resolving technical issues;
  • Capturing offline race data for future scoring and ranking;
  • Providing drone race video archives so drone pilots can find, view and analyze their flying and get better over time;
In addition to bringing more certainty and scientific precision to drone race results, and to encouraging new drone racing pilots to take part in their drone races, this new partnership between LiveTime and the MultiGP Drone Racing Community group will no doubt bring MultiGP drone races to the next level. Having a well organized drone race scoring system, such as the one provided by LiveTime, is something that every drone racing community should aim for. For those interested in all things drone racing, don't forget to join the MultiGP's online Facebook community group