JXD 523 Selfie Drone in Review

So you're into portable electronic gadgets and smart phone selfie photography. Drone racing and customization doesn't appeal to you. You can't justify the cost of a DJI professional aerial photography drone, or of a first-class selfie drone, like the Wingsland 6S Winglsand S6 or the Dobby Selfie drone. You've heard all the buzz about drones, and are looking to join in on the fun, not least with online communities on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and the likes, where users are constantly sharing stories and photos taken from their drone. If this sounds like you, then perhaps you ought to consider a drone like JXD 523 Tracker foldable pocket selfie drone. It comes at a minimal price tag, and includes everything you would otherwise want from a selfie drone, and more: a 720P HD video camera; smart phone control with App; a six-axis gyroscope and barometer; altitude hold mode; headless mode; auto-return home mode; 2.4GHz WiFi video transmission technology; a foldable, compact, pocket drone design; and more. A brief review of the JXT 523 Tracker selfie drone follows immediately below. 

Drone Frame

The JXD 523 Tracker's drone frame features a compact (13.5 x 6.5 x 2.5), light weight (76g), pocket size, foldable quadcopter drone body frame meant to be portable, and easy to carry around anywhere you go. All four propeller arms can easily be 'unsnapped' and folded into the JXD Tracker's main centre body. Unlike acrobatic and racing drones, the JXD 523 Tracker is not a drone you buy with an expectation of bringing your own custom modifications to enhance its performance. The JXD 523 frame is made out of ABS plastic and metal.  In that sense, you'll want to be careful when flying the JXD 523. Other than four spare propellers included in the initial package, other broken parts and components are not easily replaceable, if at all. It comes fully functional, ready-to-fly out-of-the-box. 

HD Camera and Selfie Flight Features

The JXD 523 Tracker features all the flight modes and features you would normally expect to see on a Selfie drone. The JXD 523 Tracker, which can be controlled directly from your smart phone using the accompanying App, includes altitude hold more, whereby the drone maintains a certain desired altitude, as commanded by you, its pilot. Altitude is a must-have on any selfie drone. With a state-of-the-art, built-in six-axis gyroscope and barometer that ensures a balanced, stable flight, altitude mode kicks in as an extra aid to provide stable in-flight photo and video shooting with the JXD 523 Tracker's 720P full HD camera. The fact that the JXD 523 Tracker selfie drone's HD camera is located directly at its nose enhances flight control and its photographic capabilities. 

The light weight design of the JXD 523 Tracker, including its minimalist, light-weight dual-blade propellers, allows its 3.7V 550mAh lithium battery to offer maximum flight time, while also using its advanced flight modes and features for aerial photography and filming, including selfie photos. Video images are transmitted in real-time/live to you, its pilot, using 4 channel, 2.4GHz anti-interference Wifi technology, which ensures a clear, interference-free signal and data transmission. The JXD 523 Tracker selfie pocket drone includes micro-USB connectivity, which makes it easy to upload aerial footage onto any USB-enabled technology. 

Other Flight Features

In addition to its aerial photography capabilities, the JXD selfie drone can also be used as an entertaining acrobatic flying. Indeed, the JXD 523 selfie pocket drone is capable of performing aerial acrobatic manoeuvres, such as 3D 360° flips and rolls. Other advanced flight modes of the JXD 523 Tracker selfie pocket drone speak more to its flight ability and agility. These include headless mode, whereby you can navigate and control the JXD 523 selfie drone without reference to its nose or tail. Another advance feature includes auto-return home, whereby the JXD 523 Tracker pocket selfie drone automatically returns to its take-off point.