Drone Racing Taking Flight in Winnipeg, Canada

Techweek is underway across New Zealand. Drone racing enthusiasts in Toulouse, France, are certainly looking forward to the Airbus international drone racing competition, taking place within the larger FabLab tech event. Over the weekend, a few drone racing enthusiasts in different parts of the U.S., such as in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Huntsville, Alabama, where celebrating their own drone racing victories. Professional drone racing pilots are prepping for the Drone Racing League's second season, as well as for the International Drone Racing Association's big first season race taking place in Dover, on June 2-4, in tandem with the NASCAR race. In the meantime, north of the 49th dividing parallel, some Canadians in Manitoba are also taking interest in the futuristic sport that is becoming drone racing. This past Sunday (May 7, 2017), a half-dozen drone racing pilots and their mini/micro FPV drones were taking part in a drone race organized by Tom Kowalsky, founder of the two month old Winnipeg Drone Racing League. The winning prize? The Nanowasp - a fortified drone created by Kowalsky himself. A second drone race is already being thought out. All updates (and much more) are available on the W.D.R.L.'s Facebook page