Drone Racing Springing Up in Cincinnati

Big players like the International Drone Racing Association ("IDRA") or the Drone Racing League ("DRL"), as well as the highly interconnected and inherently captivating nature of the sport (by now, we've all seen a first-person-view (FPV) of the flashy neon light drone racing parkours on Youtube, Twitter, etc.), are acting as an important catalyst in the realm of amateur and professional drone racing. National and local amateur, semi-pro, and professional drone racing leagues and chapters, as well as international and national drone racing competitions of all shapes and forms (often, with big winnings at the end), continue to spring up in different localities around the world. 
Previous posts mentioned industry-specific drone racing competitions taking place in Toulouse, France, as well as in Shanghai, China. We also mentioned recent local drone racing leagues and races takes taking place in both big and small localities, like Winnipeg, Canada, or Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Huntsville, Alabama, U.S. 
Tech lovers, drone racing hobbyists, and, perhaps more importantly, closet drone racing pilots in the Cincinnati, Ohio (U.S.) area looking to get into a new and exciting hobby that is rapidly turning out to be the sport of the future, the Cincinnati Quad Racershttp://cincinnatiquadracers.com/, spear headed by the creative and entrepreneurial mind of Tim Creque, has been organizing formal drone races for approximately one year. The races are generally aimed at performing the most number of laps within a given time, testing the full human and technical limitations of each drone racing pilot and drone racer.
In addition to maximizing the investment you put in your personal racing drone, drone racing is a great way to meet like-minded people in your community and its surroundings. Its also a great way to sharpen your mental reflexes, focus, and awareness. The whole experience is a fantastic way for you to develop an overall new way of perceiving the world that surrounds you. Who knows, you may even discover a hidden talent in yourself that could even lead you to the big leagues, and big prize money.