Drone Racing the New BMW 1 Series, and More

Several fun and fascinating to watch video have been released of quad racing drones racing fast cars, like the video advertising the 1st World Grand Prix in Dubai where a drone is seen racing a McLaren, or the DRL's video demonstrating a race between a DRL racing drone and Porsche 911. More recently, this trend of drones vs. cars has caught on the the mainstream automobile sector. BMW, for instance, has recently released a creative, innovative, and entertaining video of its new BMW series 1 (M14oi Edition Shadow) racing a quadcopter racing drone. The drone racing pilot is sitting next to the driver of the BMW with his first-person-view goggles on. All of these videos go to show just how popular drones have become. 

For anyone into BMWs, the new series 1 comes in three different editions: the Edition Sport Line Shadow; the Edition M Sport Shadow; and the M14oi Edition Shadow. The BMW series 1 also features the new iDrive system with integrated touchpad, an 8.8-inch navigation display screen, as well as ConnectedDrive with live/real-time traffic and on-the-ground parking information.