Drone Racing League Season 2: One Month Until Takeoff

The Drone Racing League (DRL) will be launching its second multi-million dollar season, the Allianz World Championship, this coming June 2017. The season will be televised on a variety of different sports channels (ESPN, Sky Sports, Prosieben MAXX) in 75 different countries. The world's top 16 elite EPFV drone pilots will compete in 6 races that feature the world's most daring, intricate, challenging, and futuristic three-dimensional (3D) drone race courses ever made. The 6 races are scheduled to take place in Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta, Boston, Munich, and London.

Skynex Global Drones will be providing news and updates on season 2 of the Drone Racing League as it begins to unfold next month. 

With the DRL's new custom designed Racer3 FPV quadcopter racing drone, the drone that will be flown by all 16 pilots throughout the second season, reaching top speeds of 150mp/h (241.40 km/h), DRL pilots require superior, well-trained mental reflexes, hand-to-eye coordination, and sharp focus. The DRL's Racer3 adopts an ultra light-weight (900g) full carbon fibre hybrid "X" shaped quadcopter drone racing frame, with a prolonged centre body to securely fit in its powerful drone racing hard/firmware. It generates 16 pounds of thrust, with an 81: power-to-weight ratio. It sports thick 6" triple-blade propellers for heightened traction, thrust, forward momentum, and speed. 

If you don't already own your own personal racing drone, and are looking to better appreciate the level of skills of these 16 pilots, or thinking of become a drone racing pilot, the DRL offers an invaluable, FREE drone racing simulator on its website. Among many other things, it allows you to learn how to fly a racing drone, to compete in actual DRL courses, race other players from around the world, and to try out for the 2017 DRL season. More interestingly is the fact that Bud Light selected a drone racing pilot for the 2017 season from the DRL eSport competition on the DRL Simulator in New York City. 

While you're practicing drone racing in your backyard or on the DRL's free drone racing simulator, make sure to check out the DRL's crash highlights from season 1 below: