Drone Racing Alive and Well in Cebu, Philippines

Drone racing has already been a part of Cebu City in the Philippines for approximately two years. As a sign that drone racing is alive and doing well in this part of the world, the Cebu Drone Racing Club (CDRC), a drone racing group founded by entrepreneur Many Manuel and now presided by Ace Reston, (you can view more information about the CDRC on Facebook), launched a two-day competition over the weekend, the country's first drone competition. At stake was P75,000 worth of cash, as well as other prizes for the top 6 drone racing pilots in every division of the drone racing competition. The national competition attracted the Philippine's top drone pilots, as well as drone enthusiast and other spectators from across the country, namely from Manila, Lloilo and Davao.  The Philippines has sent drone racing pilots to other major drone racing competitions, including in the Hawaii. Manuel, who is also a director of FPV Racing Philippines, affirms that drone racing in the Philippines is growing. There would now be approximately 3,000 drone racing pilots across the country.

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