Drone Races Taking Place in Covington, Virginia: the Flying Circus FPV Festival

From the newest BMWs models racing drones, to local weekend drone races in Whirlpool, St. Joseph, to national and international drone races in Shanghai, China and Toulouse, France, to high schools in Niagara teaming up with local drone racing leagues, to big and small drone racing leagues springing up all over the world, drone racing is steadily finding its way into mainstream society, in different parts of the world. Covington, Virginia, is the latest city to have recently felt the growing popularity of drone racing as the Flying Circus FPV Festival kicks off. 
During the event, coordinated by Jeremiah Guelzo, drone and drone racing enthusiast, as well as curious observers, gather just outside the city to race their drones through the various obstacle courses set up for the weekend event. In addition to featuring both quads and aircrafts, drone races are further subdivided in 6 different "wing classes": mini; spec wing; sport wing; unlimited; scale unlimited; and team event. Pilots of all ages are encouraged to participate by registering at fpvwra.net. Self-made drone race announcer David Whiddon will be on the spot to comment on some of the races taking place. David Whiddon has commented on the following races: the Montreal Drone Expo; the North American FPV Wing Race; the Drone Nationals Wing Race in New York City; and the Drone Worlds Wing Races in Hawaii. 
Participants and spectators have been informed that quads will be racing throughout a woods course, which has partially been designed and created by David Whiddon. More information on the event can be found at http://www.flyingcircusfpvfestival.com/. A sneak peak of the 2016 event is included immediately below. 

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