DR1 Micro Series: Drone Racing Just Got Bigger... Or Smaller

Winning drone races can earn you in the mid to low six figure earnings. DR1, a newly emerged micro drone racing league founded by Brad Foxhoven, now offers an alternative route for you (and your teammate) to reach that point. The DR1 drone racing league defines itself as "a world-class drone racing organization that combines elites pilots, epic locations and adrenaline-filled races into one high-octane sports league". Its inaugural race, which brought together 12 of the world's top drone racing pilots, recently took place in Hollywood, California, for a grand winning prize of $30,000. Champions Series are set to take place in Paris, France, and a further series of race will be taking place in the fall at a location that has yet to be disclosed. 

If you're an adrenaline seeker whose unwilling to invest in the price of a medium-sized racing drone (or otherwise, can't be bothered with regulatory licensing requirements), micro drone racing is rapidly emerging as a subnet of the mainstream sport of drone racing, as seen more commonly with the International Drone Racing Association and Drone Racing League. What about those cool, flashy neon lights that fancifully decorate professional drone racing obstacle courses? They're still part of the game, albeit on a smaller scale. What about the cost of crashing a mid-size quadcopter racing drone at high speeds, either into an obstacle, or another competitor drone? All are absent in the increasingly popular, family-friendly sport of micro drone racing. Micro drones are not only a third of the size and cost of mid-size racing drones, but the chances of a micro drone finishing an obstacle course are probably greater when racing at slower speeds of up to 32 km/h (20mph). A collision with another micro-sized drone is also far less likely to create any material damage.

So, if you're interested in experiencing first-hand professional drone racing, and are looking to feel the ultimate adrenaline rush of high speed racing, and perhaps even walk away with some big prize money, you'll most certainly want to take a peak at what's going on in the DR1's micro drone racing series.
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