DJI May 24th Product Launch in New York City

DJI is set to launch a new product on May 24th at 11:00 am (EDT) in New York City. Little details are known about the particular product or service being launch, other than the details that it provided on the announcement, replicated immediately below. Naturally, DJI's secrecy has sparked whispers and murmurs in the drone community. The most avid of drone enthusiasts have speculated that "seize the moment" may refer to a fleeting moment, likely related to something fast, but not necessarily in terms of speed, perhaps more in terms of the time something takes to be used. Good guesses have included the Phantom 5, a Selfie Drone, or the Spark Spark. 

From our point of view, however, the abstract thin, bright, multicolored, fluorescent, swerving lines against a pitch black background having nothing to do with any of the above. Instead, the lines in the announcement convey motion, sharpness, agility, light, and speed. The multiple colors remind one of the different colors used by different racing drones in the Drone Racing League. Assuming the announcement was deliberately tailored to fit the product or service being launched, we believe this announcement relates to a product that will appeal to drone racing enthusiasts. Indeed, the two biggest markets in the consumer drone sector relate to aerial drone photography, and drone racing, gaming, and virtual reality. DJI already has a stronghold on aerial drone photography, but has made little to no advancement in the drone racing arena, other than with its Snail Propulsion system. While some state that it would be too early for DJI to hope on the drone racing wagon, we believe DJI is already behind the times when it comes to drone racing.