Bye Bye FAA Drone Registration Rule

(Help us grow our passion, share this post!)A D.C. federal appeals court struck down the Federal Aviation Administration's ('FAA') rule requiring drone owners to register their devices with the FAA ('Rule').  The FAA's Rule was enacted in 2015 in the face of growing drone ownership, concerns of over privacy, and safety, notably in proximity of airports. It required drone owners to pay a $5.00 registration fee, to be renewed every 5 years. Drones owners were also required to mark their drone with an identification number; civil and criminal penalties attached to non-compliance. Over 550,000 unmanned aircraft were registered within the first year that registration was required.  The three-panel U.S. federal appeals court found that the FAA Rule contravened the 2012's FAA Modernization and Reform Act, which states that the FAA "may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft", and found that it was up to the U.S. congress to enact any such legislative measure.  The FAA will likely appeal the decision, or find its way around by adopting a different approach.