3D/FPV Hobby and Racing Drone Goggles

If you've already purchased an FPV racing drone, have yet to experience it from first-person-view, are looking into buying a pair of FPV goggles, but not at the price offered by big brands like DJI, you'll definitely want to turn your attention to these dual-antenna, 3D FPV augmented virtual reality hobby and racing drone goggles (now on sale at 25% off regular price). They feature everything you would expect from a solid pair of 3D/FPV goggles. The salient features for these 3D/FPV goggles are: 
  • 5" LCD screen display measured and proportioned for optimum viewing angle and distance;
  • A 800 x 480 screen resolution for bright, clear, and colorful image; 
  • Auto focus mode for maximum image clarity and quality;
  • Dual-antenna receiver (flat antenna and mushroom antenna) for optimum signal reception;
  • State-of-the-art (SoA) 5.8GHz 40CH image transmission technology;
  • Open source software, easily obtain updates/upgrades online to keep current;
  • Auto frequency search and frequency avoidance functions for optimum signal;
  • 64GB TF memory card capability; 
  • Supports a 2S 7.4-8.4V battery for maximum run time of up to 3 hours;
  • Light (285g), compact (150 x 152 x 96), with comfortable and ergonomic design;
All of the above features are explained in more detail immediately below. 

In addition to their fancy look, the goggles feature a 5 inch LCD screen that is well-measured and proportioned inside the goggles so as to provide the best viewing angle and distance from the eyes. The goggles' lenses have a focus distance of 190mm, with an adjustable range of x 3.5.  An auto focus mode enhances clarity of image and overall viewing experience. The goggle's screen resolution of 800 x 480, as well as a brightness of 500cd/m2 provides a bright, colorful picture that is easily adjustable for indoor and outdoor lighting environments. The 3D FPV goggles also adopt state-of-the-art dual-antenna (one mushroom antenna with one flat antenna), 5.8GHz 40 channel technology for optimum image transmission/reception technology. Either antenna can be turned off at any time, each antenna providing redundancy for the other antenna. 

The built-in receiver of the 3D/FPV goggles use open source software, which can easily be updated/upgraded online, ensuring the goggles are always current with the latest technology in 3D/FPV goggles. An auto frequency search function further ensures an interference free image transmission from drone to 3D/FPV goggles. Another feature, the frequency avoidance feature, enables you to scan all available frequencies, and to choose the frequency displaying the strongest signal. 

In addition to supporting 64GB memory TF cards, the goggles are also wired to a 2S 7.4-8.4V lithium polymer battery that has more than enough juice/energy to last up to 3 hours of run time. The goggles are light (only 285g), compact (150 x 152 x 96), comfortable, and fit very nicely and comfortably around the face and head. The 3D/FPV hobby and racing goggles also have a built-in DVR function that allows you to record in real-time/live the images being transmitted from the drone's FPV camera.