What's Beautiful, Shines Bright Like a Diamond in the Sky, and Travels Like a Shooting Star?

What's beautiful, shines bright like a diamond in the sky, and travels at speeds that reminds one of a shooting star? If you've guessed Rihanna's song 'Diamonds', you've obviously guessed wrong. We're talking about the Drone Racing League's (DRL) new Racer 3. Equipped with 209 RGB LED lights, eloquently designed from a bullet/crash-proof polycarbonate shell and 5K carbon fibre plate, and travelling at speeds of 0 to 80 mp/h in under 1 second, the radiant Racer 3 racing drone is like a diamond scorching across the sky like a shooting star. Its outer beauty is only outranked by its inner beauty: state-of-the-art hardware/software (F3 + Spi Mpu6000 + Betaflight Flight Controller), an energy efficient and custom-made five cell 1,800 milliamp lithium polymer battery that powers 7,000kg of static thrust (with an 8:1 power weight ratio) with the assistance of its 6" triblade props. Finally, proprietary internal long range radio transmission technology that allows you, its audience, to view a first-person-view (FPV) of its dynamic, thrilling, exciting flight trajectory. The Racer3 will be flown throughout the 6 races of the 2017 Allianz World Championship this June on ESPN, Sky Sports, and Proseiben MAXXX.