Snapshot of Falcon 180 FPV Racing Drone

If you're wondering what racing drone to buy, consider the Falcon 180 FPV quad racing drone. The Falcon 180 features a compact x-shaped drone frame which provides for a balanced, coherent, and logical layout for all of its parts and components. Integrated in its design are protective features for its most critical electronic component, notably the motor casings, but also the rubber dampeners at the end of the Falcon 180's landing gear. A compact, triple-plate centre body, without any protruding centre tower, contains all of the Falcon 180's firmware in a manner that reduces overall in-flight drag. A unique fourth plate on the top and front of the Falcon 180 serves as an anti-vibration for its adjustable 1/3" 700TVL high-definition FPV camera, a feature that ensures live video feed stillness. A tilt in the Falcon 180's 2204 2300KV brushless motors and thick, dual-blade, 5" drone racing propellers accentuate forward momentum and thrust, for higher speeds. All of the above features are powered by state-of-the-art drone racing firmware: Fairy-A20 electronic speed controllers to moderate motor rotations; Serious Pro (SP) Racing F3 flight controller with the latest updates in drone racing flight controller technology; and iA6-iS receiver-transmitter technology for optimum radio transmission signal.