Re-Defining the Tyranny: the Tyrant S 215 UAV FPV RC Quad Racing Drone

Merriam-Webster defines the word "tyrant" as "an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution". In this post, a different definition of "tyrant" is advanced. A Tyrant is a fierce flying machine with a compact double-layered centre plate body, and four propeller arms configured as an "x". A tyrant is made of ultra-light 3K 4 mm carbon fibre, and its only weaknesses are reinforced with aluminum rods, steel motor shafts, and carbon steel screws. A tyrant doesn't include any protruding centre tower that would have the undesirable effect of creating drag, and reducing its speed. A Tyrant is an unmanned aerial quadcopter that comes ready-to-fly (RTF) out of the box, with powerful 2205 2300KV motors, and aerodynamic 5045, angled tri-blade propellers, ready to devour and dominate the skies. A tyrant is a flying machine with a sharp 1/3" micro HD drone racing camera (800TVL), that offers a dynamic, immersive, real-time, first-person-view from the sky to its handler on the ground. A tyrant is controlled by the best radio control transmission technology. A tyrant is a drone whose powerful motors are tightly regulated by state-of-the-art (302X Blheli_S) electronic speed controllers (ESCs) so as to prevent destructive engine overrides and jams. A tyrant is a UAV FPV RC quadcopter racing drone controlled by the very latest firmware (D-Link F3 V2) in drone racing technology, a feature that ensures a superior, responsive, agile, and smooth flight. A tyrant is the Tyrant S215 UAV RTF FPV RC quad racing drone.